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I would like to thank Jennifer Patchen from Denvers Pet Source for spending the afternoon observing a behavior consultation and writing this kind article on

Do you speak dog

Clicker Logic specializes in behavioral consulting focusing on bridging the gap between owner and dog. Michael teaches realistic expectations of your dog’s behavior and understanding your dog’s reaction to certain situations. He uses counter conditioning to alleviate troubling aggressive tendencies and desensitizing strategies to combat shy personalities.

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Origins & Domestication of dogs

Understanding the origins of dogs can be a bit overwhelming, but a basic understanding of some of the domestication processes and how they occurred can be a valuable tool in understanding our dogs today. This will become more clear in future articles related to inter-family and pack behavior and communication. The facts are vital because this topic has been so skewed by popular culture and certain traditional and celebrity trainers ...

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Stress, fear and the 9News Kyle Dyer bite incident

Originally posted: Anatomy of a Typical Dog Bite Part 2 – Stress, Fear and the 9 News Kyle Dyer Bite Incident

When looking at any “unexpected” behavior from a dog, the first thing I think about is how stress affected the situation. Stress, and how a dog naturally learns to manage and cope with stress, is a major contributing factor in how a dog is able to react in almost ...

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Analysis of the Denver 9News Kyle Dyer bite

Max on 9 News Morning Show Petline 9 preceding bite that put Kyle Dyer in the hospitalOriginally posted: Anatomy of a Typical Dog Bite Part 1 – Analysis of the Denver 9News Kyle Dyer Bite

Denver — In light of the Feb 9, 2012 dog bite of 9News anchorperson Kyle Dyer, I have decided to start this blog, beginning with a 5 part blog series ...

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